Prosperity Gospel is a post-black metal band founded by Eddie Newman in 2020. The music is atmospheric and dense; the lyrics mainly deal with philosophy and the horrors of late capitalism.

The first record “Violently Pulled From Bliss” was released March 31st 2021, recorded and performed entirely by E Newman. It is available on CD and digital distribution. After its release, a band was assembled to play the music live.

The second record, “Society of the Spectral,” was released November 30, 2023, recorded and performed by D Josey, E Newman, M Bauknight, & M Lambert. It is available on 12″, cassette, and digital distribution.


2021 – “Violently Pulled From Bliss” – full length studio LP

2022 – “Black Metal ist Klassenkrieg!!!” – our song “Thus Far and No Further” was featured on this compilation from the Anti-Fascist Black Metal Network

2023 – “Black Metal Rainbows” – our song “Having Into Appearing” was featured on this compilation benefiting LGBTQIA youth

2023 – “Live in the Red Room” – three song live EP and companion video, recorded for WUSC-FM

2023 – “Free Palestine – Comp I” – our song “Atomizing” featuring Nathan Kwon of Crawl Across the Sky was featured on this compilation from Forest Summoner, with sales going towards aid to Gaza.

2023 – “Society of the Spectral” – full length studio LP

2023 – “Black Metal Against Blackout” – our song “Vibrating” was featured on this compilation, with sales going towards purchasing eSIMs to help Palestinians.


Oct. 9th, 2021 – Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC w/ The Reticent

Feb. 14th, 2022 – New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC w/ Frost Coffin, Bather

Mar. 6th, 2022 – New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC w/ Nixil, Krypt, & Bathe

Apr. 9th, 2022 – Art Bar, Columbia, SC w/ Imprint, LMI, Bad Stars

Jun. 17th, 2022 – Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC w/ Telepathetics, Maxuma, & Physical Digital

Nov. 17th, 2022 – Soul Bar, Augusta, GA w/ Prickly Heat, vitamin//wave

Dec. 20th, 2023 – Snug Harbor, Charlotte NC w/ Headripper, Loony

Jan. 5th, 2024 – Tin Roof, Charleston SC w/ Prisoner, Snargle, ADHD

Feb. 21st, 2024 – Columbia SC w/ Physique

Feb. 22nd, 2024 – Grantski Records, Augusta GA w/ Flagman & Flummox

Feb. 24th, 2024 – The Purple Buffalo, Charleston SC w/ Crooked Cult, Nosey Neighbor, Pressure Falls

Mar. 22nd, 2024 – New Brookland Tavern, Columbia SC w/ Abacus, Prisoner, Listless

April 13th, 2024 – Static Age Records, Asheville NC

more info to follow

Apr. 27th, 2024 – Moon Dog Meadery, Raleigh NC w/ Doomsday Profit, Antiquity


“Society of the Spectral” 2023

“RABM bands exploring leftist theory could be an obvious thing, but is not so common actually, taking into consideration metal aesthetics, obsessed with ancient times and fantasy themes, isn’t that friendly to modern or post-modern thinking. It therefore takes some brevity to attempt such an endavour, and after Ashenspire who very successfully delved into Mark Fischer, we have another band who turns into the current world to take aim at how the capitalist system creates its worldview and maintains itself. The second album of the post-black metal band from the US Prosperity Gospel bears an obvious reference to Guy Debord in the title and his analysis of the society of the spectacle, and it’s not just a passing nod, but a fully realized concept, as we soon observe.

And indeed few things have changed since 1967, when this critique of commodification and mass media took place. In today’s world characterized by the bombardment of constant sensory information, it’s the hardest that it ever was to pull yourself out and think clearly for a moment, much less challenge the system, which turns invisible and self-evident. Perhaps this is what Prosperity Gospel want us to do, as their version of a progressive and modern black metal imbued with post-rock and post-hardcore influences is varied, complex, technical but also melodic a lot of the times, not just relying on power and aggression (of which they absolutely don’t lack). They might also bring into mind at times the most forward-thinking and experimental bands of the norwegian scene, like Virus and Fleurety, as the guitar riffs often turn into unexpected territories, while the vocals also often show an interesting theatrical and dramatic approach.

The recording is truly excellent in quality and the performance of the band is stellar, showing a clear way forward of progression from their already very promising debut. “Society of the Spectral” is an exciting listen from start to end and places itself as a big contender for album of the year, and we will not be at all surprised if the band breaks out into a much wider audience with it.”
Anti-Fascist Black Metal Network

Prosperity Gospel launched their listeners into the gloaming with their second LP, “Society of the Spectral”, a treatise set to the tune of desolation, a narrative scored with the bleak poetry of modern existence. With a stylistic nod to the likes of Downfall of Gaia and Deafheaven, Prosperity Gospel weaves a fabric of sound that is both haunting and heavily threaded with the intellectual.

The band ventures deeper into the abyss of sound that they began to explore in 2020, with each chord and lyric steeped in the dystopian philosophy of Guy Debord and the existential musings of Schopenhauer. Their latest opus is an audial descent into the spectacle of society as we know it—a world where the visceral and the cerebral collide.

Eddie Newman’s reflections on Debord’s seminal work resonate with a chilling clarity, painting a sonorous landscape that is not just heard, but felt—a symphony of the spectral. The album unfolds like a grim prophecy, heralding the transition from “being” to “having” and then, inevitably, from “having” to “appearing.” It’s a journey through a life disfigured by capitalism’s contradictions, a life that vibrates with the static of atomization and generalizes into a blur of

“[F]ollowing up 2020’s ‘Violently Pulled From Bliss’ and brings more of the fast tremolo picked, atmospheric post black metal sound. This aggressively progressive sound is paired with scathing anti capitalist critiques in the lyrics which take you on a journey from current socio-political relations to a potential solution in the future”Olivia Matthews, Hornthrowers

“And their two albums on the local record label Comfort Monk, 2021’s “Violently Pulled From Bliss” and the just-released “Society Of The Spectral,” have plenty of musical muscle. There are moments on both albums where it feels like the listener is in the midst of a relentless storm. Singer/songwriter and guitarist Eddie Newman shrieks and growls as grinding guitar riffs churn and the rhythm section coils and uncoils like a serpent. So there’s plenty here for black metal fans to like, but Prosperity Gospel is more ambitious than most of their peers in the genre.”Vincent Harris, Post & Courier